Master of Ceremony / Showman / DJ

Andrzej Mr Shum – Master of Ceremony/ Showman & DJ and his beautiful wife Anna DJ Annuschka – this is a unique couple as far as it concerns hosting of wedding receptions. Andrzej and Anna know exactly how to entertain guests at the weddings. And there is no wonder. They experienced their own wedding too! They totally understand the matter of the wedding planning and what efforts and emotions the newlyweds, their parents and guests dedicate to this event.

Mr Shum and DJ Annuschka have more than 10 years of experience in hosting local and international weddings in Polish, English and Russian languages. They get inspiration from the wedding receptions in UK, USA, Russia. Their biggest dream is to host celebrities’ weddings.

Apart from the weddings Andrzej has a deep interest in practical application of positive psychology and provides personal development coaching. Anna is interested in healthy nutrition, sports, food styling and food photography. She also manages her own food blog

We encourage you to arrange a meeting with MC/DJ Andrzej Shum and DJ Annuschka in Warsaw or via Skype.